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Os LGBT's e a luta pelo seus direitos no Brasil
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Aqui no Brasil, os LGBT's (lésbicas, gays, bissexuais e transsexuais) estão lutando pelos seus direitos. Infelizmente, somos uma nação que mais mata por homofobia no mundo. Temos políticos conservadores que só atrapalham e denigrem a imagem do movimento LGBT.

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Just clicked on the FEATURED button and watched "Explosive Twinks Anal Invasion" in which Rob Ryder gets sucked, rimmed, and fucked. I wish there were a way to download it to and Favorite it. I could watch Rob all day. He's got the body, the cock, which is a major turn-on when it's hard, the pubes, the whole deal. I gotta watch again.

my site
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new gay site see 100's of fit guys all ages hard horny and jerking themselfs

How is everyone ?
Views: 74 · Added: 230 days ago

how is everyone doing?

Views: 45 · Added: 165 days ago

Wow!! That was really good feedback from you! Thanks for the feedback! I really appreciate! I will post a video of me when I'm ready. :)

Views: 341 · Added: 881 days ago

Looking for my fantasy bottom . Slim young shaven innocent .Im near cincinnati in ohio .Just message me =)

I need more friends on here
Views: 71 · Added: 264 days ago

Hey guys please feel free to send me a message . i'm a young horny teen ;) love to cam with other guys and chat . so send ne a message and we can chat :) .

Views: 957 · Added: 1127 days ago

My heart is bleeding in search of love...please, if you feel the same give your best and donate this site...otherwise there will be no hope.....give your best of what you have.....thanks!!!!!!!!!!!

Good Morning
Views: 191 · Added: 800 days ago

Good morning everyone. I just wanted to say hi. I love to chat with anyone who likes to chat. Age does not matter. Just hit me up. Everyone have a nice day.

Fav song from childhood
Views: 148 · Added: 742 days ago

Just out of curiosity, what is everybody's favorite song from childhood? Mine is Sk8ter Boi by Avril Lavigne. Back in 2002, I was 9 years old. It was only 10 years ago, but it feels like an eternity since then.

Views: 255 · Added: 829 days ago

Does anybody know why Live Cam Chat doesn't work anymore?????

Views: 312 · Added: 799 days ago

i spend about 3 hours reading stories on and spend the time with precum running down my leg finally i can here and watched a video long story short i shot for the first time im so happy wish it went farther but beggars cant be choosers

so horny
Views: 231 · Added: 1003 days ago

want some steamy chat b4 bed

Today is my birthday...
Views: 210 · Added: 798 days ago

What is my gift?

im new... exciting and all but...
Views: 262 · Added: 950 days ago

Just wondering is there is much of an Aus crew on here... most notable Brisbane??


Views: 329 · Added: 913 days ago

anyone wanna swap pics vids message me

interview for class
Views: 156 · Added: 563 days ago

hey so i am doing a class project on cyber bullying. has anyone here been cyber bullied if so can i please interview you. i will not tell personel info

Boring!!! :C
Views: 50 · Added: 113 days ago

Hello, sometimes I get bored and can give me your skype and facebbok or added?

Views: 292 · Added: 879 days ago

hi can sum1 tell me how2 upload a avatar.

Views: 161 · Added: 741 days ago

I had a dream the other day about being a teenager again and taking advantage of an
older man,maybe over 25.He was bisexual and new to gay sex.I was 18 and lead him into bed.Has anyone had this dream or fantasy.

Views: 67 · Added: 63 days ago

Hard to sit down
Views: 975 · Added: 1125 days ago

I had such a good night last night, i was at a mates house as he was having a party, towards the end of the night we were all a bit drunk and we were playing games.
As the games went on they got more and more erotic soon we were all naked and having sex, to end the night i got fucked by 4 different guys one of whom had a huge cock. I cant wait for the next party.

stay overs with friends
Views: 625 · Added: 948 days ago

any every played with one of there friends whilst they where a sleep at your house or his house ??

how long ago and what age ?

i have i played with a mate when he stayed at mine a few weeks ago and his 21 and i put my cock in his hand and got him to wank me off whilst i was rubbing his cock and balls

Wet Dreams
Views: 305 · Added: 913 days ago

your best sexual dream when you wake up in the morning.

For you comic book fans...
Views: 123 · Added: 687 days ago

"Green Lantern" relaunched as brave, mighty — and gay.

Of my fucking head (another name for this day) Ok I went to the adult party that I usually go to. My costume was a ZOmbie. I did an OK job on the make up but my real show stopper was 15 feet of life like intestines that I had made and put in an opening in the stomach of my shirt. I covered them with vasaline and through out the night I would pull them out and hand them all blood soaked and slimy and cold to different people. Oh my god the squeals and screams I got it was great! My friend Todd who is about 6'4" and really skinny painted himself all white and put a white afro on and put some yellow on top and went as a Q-tip we had lots of fun. By the end of the night I have no Idea what I was drinking, all I can say is it was a greenish color and smelled like cough syrup. The host provided taxis for everyone about dawn. I am just glad I took the rest of the week off. ( funny thing , my intestines got caught in the cab door and were hanging out all the way home. Who else can say that!)

Views: 112 · Added: 393 days ago

I'll make a photoalbum soon. Just saying

i guess i was wrong lmfao
Views: 79 · Added: 329 days ago

all i am going to say is i guess i wasn't too far from the truth.... i just can't help laughing

people should always remember that when one is in it for the money or what they can get from one person they don't stay long at all. there is always someone willing to offer more. anyway i spoke my peace. lmfao.. god i just had to post im sorry i don't think most of u will have an idea as to what i am speaking of however there is i am sure a few that might. anyway do hope u all have a good night

Any St. Paul Twinks
Views: 999 · Added: 1125 days ago

Hey looking for any hot St. Paul MN Twinks that are up for meeting for a little fun. Yes I am older but really know how to treat a nice hot twink. Really looking for a nice smooth boy that can have me over during the day. Hit me up with a message.

looking for...
Views: 340 · Added: 1053 days ago

submissive younger boys who like to be ordered around on cam, give me a message.

Cream filled melon
Views: 59 · Added: 164 days ago

Has anyone ever tried what is shown in this vid? I have, and it feels really good.

very nice chubby guy here!(no jerks)
Views: 55 · Added: 113 days ago

im looking for a few guys my age 20-25ish to become friends/online sex buddies with. im a nice guy and will always try to be nice to anyone.

most viewed pics
Views: 941 · Added: 1125 days ago

is there an option that shows the most rated and most viewed pics

Views: 231 · Added: 644 days ago

How many of you have a facebook page If so what do you go by so I can find you?

A little bit of inspiration
Views: 101 · Added: 423 days ago

Sometimes people just need a few kind words to help them get through their struggle. While the picture in the middle might not have the kindest of words, it does bring up a good point.

Share your inspirational words or quotes that you find inspirational for the rest of us to see!


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