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500ml of milk
200g of white flour plain or selfraising
3 large eggs
mix or whisk all these togther making sure there are no lumps. add little more flour or milk to the batter as u want.
add about 1 tablespoon melted butter and mix in.
add small ammount of (2-3 tablespoons) sugar to sweeten OR ADD pinch of salt to season for savoury pancakes.
Get a non stick pan hot and use very small ammount of melted butter in the pan.
add about 1 cup (1/3 mug) of mixture and move it all round the pan so its covered and thin.
when the pancake can be lifted at the edges (it is probably cooked enough) it may be turned using a spatula and fingers, try not to fold or break it (not easy at first) Pancakes break when u turn them too early.
Serve the pancake with lemon and sugar (english style)or syrup if sweet pancakes or any other topping u like.
savoury pancakes can be filled with a hot savoury filling (like bolognaise or tuna and condenced mushroom soup etc) and sprinkled with cheese baked in the oven 180c for a few mins and served.


" I Met the Devil "
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A man dies and due to his evil and sinful life, goes to hell. The
devil himself meets him at the gates of hell and tells him, "I don't
know what all you've heard up there, but hell isn't all that bad a
place. Let me ask you, do you like to smoke?"
The man answers, "Yes, I do"
"Oh, good then," the devil says, "You'll LOVE Mondays. Every Monday we
all sit around and smoke cigarettes, cigars, pipes, try out new types
of tobacco. Do you like to drink?"
The man answers, "Yeah, sure, I like to drink."
The devil says, "Good, you'll love Tuesdays, then. All we do on
Tuesdays is sit around and drink beer, wine, and all kinds of
different mixed drinks."
"You'll just love Tuesdays. Do you like to swear?"
"Sure," says the man, "I swear a lot."
"Great then. You'll love Wednesdays."
The devil says, "On Wednesdays, all we do is sit around and swear a
lot, we try to make up new cuss words, and have a great time, you'll
just love Wednesdays."
"Oh, by the way," asks the devil, "Are you gay?"
"Hell no," the man replies, "I hate fags!"
The devil looks at him, and says, "Then you're gonna hate Thursdays."

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Hi iam back thenudist and time to play, any GTB Mumbers into young boys ang wold like to chat and do some trading like i said before i am open to any age,looking to have some harmless fun,so lets play.

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it wont let me upload a profile pic,i tried reduceing the size,if someone will let me send a pic to em and reduce it to the right size for me i'd appreciate it.(:

Does the Site Stream Videos For Ipad?
Views: 173 · Added: 808 days ago

I was just wondering if anyone was having issues with the site playing videos on your Ipads?

I'm Back!
Views: 147 · Added: 591 days ago has been awhile since I was last on here! Yes, I am back and not a virgin everyone...I finally lost it! After that, it's been crazy. Meeting guys (and being safe) and then college life. Lol...I am so glad it's Christmas Break! I am in sunny California with my family and I am exploring as much I can. I am even an hour and a half away from LA (my future dream home). So much has happened during the last few months and I apologize to you all on here for not being on much. I will be on as much as I can this upcoming semester and I will have to tell you all of my sex stories and more. ;) Loads to come in 2013! Thanks to everyone out there and for GBT! Happy Holidays and Happy New Year everyone!!!

Views: 334 · Added: 1194 days ago

today several hours ago ther was a bad reck on larken road in izard county USA. 2 of my cuzins and 2 of my friends were in the car. one of my cuzins died and my kindagraden love died as well. (cuzin-boy, kindagarden love-girl) my other cuzin is in the hospital in ICU and he will be fine. the other girl which is my other friend will be fine to she may have a broke arm and part of her face may be broke and ther is some swelling. plz pray that the 2 deciesed will make it to heaven and that the 2 that lived will be fine. thank you sighn michael vaile.

Good Morning
Views: 225 · Added: 963 days ago

Hii everybody, hope all slept well :) have a good day, message me if you would like to chat. :p

Views: 108 · Added: 809 days ago

hi everyone. just like to start talking to a few new people. message me if u want to chat x

Rate me
Views: 219 · Added: 772 days ago

If you rate me please let me know who you are

Views: 60 · Added: 60 days ago

Views: 495 · Added: 917 days ago

i got hundreds of my pics if anyone wants any message me thanks

Video Quality On Gay Boys Tube?
Views: 167 · Added: 206 days ago

Why are so many videos poor quality?...all blurry and pixalated?

Hey there sexy young guys!
Views: 172 · Added: 650 days ago

Who wants to have fun now? I am ready to cam! Add me on skype: sixteensteven XX

A Thought for the Day
Views: 46 · Added: 59 days ago

for those that uploads videos and see videos
Views: 92 · Added: 258 days ago

hey guys if you upload a video and when you try to see if the video works

Ultimate Dream Sex Partner/Couple/Orgy Group
Views: 131 · Added: 141 days ago

What is your ultimate dream sex partner/Couple/Orgy Group? What is the ultimate fantasy couple or group of people that would engage in the sex of your dreams? You can exclude yourself too. These people can be celebrities or pornstars or just an ideal physique type. Any race and gender identity is valid here. No discriminatiion. For men, for instance, twinks, bears, and jocks are examples of physique types.

Views: 182 · Added: 809 days ago

Is there any way to change my username without deleting my account and making a new one?

Views: 112 · Added: 625 days ago

I have decided to share some of the funniest yet stupidest acts of human beings that I have ever heard. This might bring a chuckle to some of you a gasp to others and a OMG I dont believe it to others. (I know it has nothing to do with gay porn but I think its funny and I wanted to share)

my grandma
Views: 89 · Added: 567 days ago

Hi guys and all of my fiends and especially to Nick18 who put all of his effort into keeping GBT going...last year I lost a brother in uncle Ben and my beloved grandmother at the age of 98..yeaaahhh...believe me I still love you bunch of fucking holy horny young individuals..I'm still here and I'll do my best to support you as ever I stop complaining about whatever....(^_°)

hairy men
Views: 254 · Added: 961 days ago

who also here likes hairy men. Also, who also here likes nudist lake or sauna?

Quote of the Day
Views: 114 · Added: 624 days ago

Any experience can be transformed into something of value.

Only bottom
Views: 211 · Added: 385 days ago

We're six months abroad and we have to help ourselves. My older brother used me daily as a bottom. He is straight and acts like I'm his girlfriend. I like it when he put his semen in me. After that he satisfies me, with his hands, sometimes with his mouth. Very very sorry that he will not let me in his ass.

San Diego
Views: 43 · Added: 5 days ago

Hey guys, I'm heading to San Diego for Comic-Con, so will be away from GBT for a while. Maybe see some of you there.

Views: 1771 · Added: 1280 days ago

hey! any1 know why some of the vids are coming through all pixelated and green. makes me sad cause i know they are awesome but cant see them just hear their groans of exctasy. this site rules by the way!!!!!!!!

Wet Dream
Views: 180 · Added: 835 days ago

Did you ever have one of those wet dreams that was so intense? Well I had one that was just that. It was the kind that you didn’t want it to end I could clearly see a hand stroking my hard on which was huge and I could see all of the veins down to the smallest ones just bulging out and the head of my boner was the deepest purple with the shaft a deep red , in this dream I could also see some one sucking on my boner and my hips pumping it in and out of a mouth. I could hear a little voice in my dream saying don’t let this end and all of a sudden I let lose a load of cum in the mouth that wouldn’t end I could see my boner throbbing as I was pumping my cum into the mouth . I started to wake up still in a daze but sensing my surroundings is my bed room and my heart is pounding away. I hear a voice are you all right and it is Nate lying next to me were both on our side facing each other, man I just had the best wet dream I said and I could feel I still had a ragging boner. Nate said yeah a good one? yeah I said and I reached down and was checking to see how much did I cum, and I could feel my cock was damp but no cum. Man it was so real I told Nate.
Nate had a big smile on his face and was caressing my chest and said it wasn’t a wet dream it was me sucking on your cock. Nate said it might have started out as a wet dream but at some point you started to hump the side of my hip so hard the you woke me up and you had a grip on me it took some time to get free form you fucking my hip, so I rolled on my side and started to jack you off he said and that my cock was so fucking hard he said I thought it was going to bust. Nate said that he did not realize how strong I was until I forced his head down and shoved my boner in his mouth. Nate said I was fucking him so hard in his mouth that he gagged a couple times when I was driving my boner deep down his throat. By the time you started to cum you were moaning and had a death grip on my head and you let lose the biggest load of cum in my mouth he said with a big smile.
All the while Nate was telling me this I was rubbing his boner through his underwear which was real damp from his boner dripping, I just smiled at Nate pulled his boner out from his underwear and pulled back his foreskin and started sucking him off . Nate didn’t last five second and stared to cum, I just love the feeling of Nate’s cock throbbing and pumping his cum in my mouth. Nate and I feel back to sleep with him in my arms. Man that was the best fucking wet dream to this day.

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can anyone message me to see if my message system is workingjQuery18204897979700472206_1382403365646

beach time
Views: 63 · Added: 72 days ago

whoes bin to the beach yet went to huntington beach cal to day lots of cute hot guys there just about naked yummy

Views: 174 · Added: 1131 days ago

is anyone having trouble signing in to msn hotmail ????

Guess the song :)
Views: 182 · Added: 771 days ago

'Rised up this morning'

how can delitte my video from the main wall
Views: 133 · Added: 538 days ago

i want delitte my video i was put there few week ago,i delitte from my profile bust still there, any one know how to contact the server, since to me are no botton to click contact the server.

so bored
Views: 196 · Added: 418 days ago

with the same old porn. what happen to porn?

Intercourse with a black boy
Views: 197 · Added: 385 days ago

Here in South Africa there are a lot of black boys, but I did'nt succeed to find a boy for having intercourse. Sex with a black is my greatest dream. Anybody tips for me?

Chat Rooms?
Views: 436 · Added: 1131 days ago

So I'm taking a leap off the deep end! Have only looked at pics and vids before, but I finally decided to get involved. LOL That being said, does dnyone know of any good chat rooms? I'm in the mood for some good group boy chat, but idk where! Any help is greatly appreciated!

A little humour...
Views: 65 · Added: 86 days ago

Silly Cartoons



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