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Queens Day
Views: 97 · Added: 488 days ago

What an amazing day we had!! Holland is truly a country where community is number one. The celebration of the new King spills out into the streets everywhere and now Paul Van Duke playing riverfront for the new King, ourselves and over a hundred thousand people will be unforgettable!! we travelled all night on the train from Prague to Amsterdam to get there and then traveled all night that same day to get back in time for school so we would only miss one day it was well worth the experience amazing we will never forget it

Question to anyone
Views: 281 · Added: 898 days ago

What would you do if u saw a number of naked pictures of a best friend, just an ordinary friend or someone you but not very well?

The Perks of Being Wallflower
Views: 119 · Added: 577 days ago

Movie and book, highly recommended!

how far did u come out
Views: 85 · Added: 488 days ago

so i am out to my parents sister, her fiance, and his brother. i am close to these people and i am wondering. How far did you come out, was it to everyone you know or just a few?

creative sex
Views: 120 · Added: 281 days ago

so things r great in my relationship cureently. we have ssen eachother naked and love it.My Bf has a nive 6, 7 inch uncut cock. what exactly do i do with it when giving head when we get that far? also we both dont like anal sex. any creative suggestions?

Webcam recomdationi
Views: 147 · Added: 12 days ago

SInce gaytube doesn't have webcam/webchat available anymore, any recomdation to what else could be used?

Views: 246 · Added: 898 days ago

any cute young guys out there?

anyone know a good dating

new year
Views: 108 · Added: 630 days ago

any wishes for the up and coming new year guys

Views: 271 · Added: 925 days ago

Hi guys, I was wondering if there is any other way to talk to other users besides the blog. I noticed there was a chat page but i can't make it work and i think it's like personal chat. Isn't there some kind of chat room? :)

Views: 179 · Added: 550 days ago

how do i get into doing gay porn in ny state? anyone?

My High School Dilemna
Views: 373 · Added: 1171 days ago

I had a "best friend" all through high school and was totally in love with him. Unfortunately for me I was closeted big time back then. Still kinda but things are not the same as far as that goes nowadays. Anyway back to my friend. He was straight at least back then! My problem was that for the first 2 years of high school we were both in the same gym class. That had to be the most trying experience of my life. I swear it took all of my mind and body control to avoid getting hard in the shower. On some days, when i was feeling very susceptible, I would find some excuse to wait till he was out of there cause I knew I wouldn't be able to hold it back. And believe me he had the most beautiful body and looks that would of made any gay guy melt. Has anyone ever had some sort of similar experience they want to share? Be cool to hear them.............Thanks

Views: 1622 · Added: 1323 days ago

I uploaded some videos but I am only one, why? I uploaded a new photo album but the first album and disappeared from my post I explain why?

Phone Sex with 18 y/o - Ireland
Views: 365 · Added: 1076 days ago

Anyone interested in some no strings fone wanking, im 18 from ireland and ready to go...cant wait to hear from you ;)

The New Video Players
Views: 230 · Added: 1378 days ago

Two things- my profile is still blank but that may be fixed I guess. I do not like the new players. The others were much better. You could resize the video better and you had more control. When you embed these players they AUTO START. So if someone is browsing my site at work or on the sly videos will start automatically with sound. I can figure out how to add the do not autoplay bit to the player embed code...that is way more complicated than the other as well, I wish u all would have stuck with the old players they worked great- these new ones suck in my opinion. Any way to stop them from auto playing when they are embedded?

Views: 231 · Added: 1000 days ago

Am I the only one that photos will not upload for? I have been trying for days...

uploading photo
Views: 1477 · Added: 1321 days ago

i cant upload a photo on my profile because it can only be something like 100x120 and i cant get a photo that is that low in pixels. is there anything i can do? thanks

Bien le bonjour a toi !
Views: 88 · Added: 331 days ago

Je suis a la recherche d'un mec super cool

Nick please read
Views: 195 · Added: 955 days ago

Hey This is Ruslan again . This is about Celebrate National GSA Day: January 25th, 2012. I uploaded 2 videos on The great things Gay Straight Alliance is doing . ACHS GSA-Day of Silence.....Gay Straight Alliances. With this day coming up this would be a totally kick way to show this site support for GSA and what Gay Boys are doing at University's. Gay Boys that push for change get things done . Thank you Nick :)

500ml of milk
200g of white flour plain or selfraising
3 large eggs
mix or whisk all these togther making sure there are no lumps. add little more flour or milk to the batter as u want.
add about 1 tablespoon melted butter and mix in.
add small ammount of (2-3 tablespoons) sugar to sweeten OR ADD pinch of salt to season for savoury pancakes.
Get a non stick pan hot and use very small ammount of melted butter in the pan.
add about 1 cup (1/3 mug) of mixture and move it all round the pan so its covered and thin.
when the pancake can be lifted at the edges (it is probably cooked enough) it may be turned using a spatula and fingers, try not to fold or break it (not easy at first) Pancakes break when u turn them too early.
Serve the pancake with lemon and sugar (english style)or syrup if sweet pancakes or any other topping u like.
savoury pancakes can be filled with a hot savoury filling (like bolognaise or tuna and condenced mushroom soup etc) and sprinkled with cheese baked in the oven 180c for a few mins and served.


" I Met the Devil "
Views: 151 · Added: 662 days ago

A man dies and due to his evil and sinful life, goes to hell. The
devil himself meets him at the gates of hell and tells him, "I don't
know what all you've heard up there, but hell isn't all that bad a
place. Let me ask you, do you like to smoke?"
The man answers, "Yes, I do"
"Oh, good then," the devil says, "You'll LOVE Mondays. Every Monday we
all sit around and smoke cigarettes, cigars, pipes, try out new types
of tobacco. Do you like to drink?"
The man answers, "Yeah, sure, I like to drink."
The devil says, "Good, you'll love Tuesdays, then. All we do on
Tuesdays is sit around and drink beer, wine, and all kinds of
different mixed drinks."
"You'll just love Tuesdays. Do you like to swear?"
"Sure," says the man, "I swear a lot."
"Great then. You'll love Wednesdays."
The devil says, "On Wednesdays, all we do is sit around and swear a
lot, we try to make up new cuss words, and have a great time, you'll
just love Wednesdays."
"Oh, by the way," asks the devil, "Are you gay?"
"Hell no," the man replies, "I hate fags!"
The devil looks at him, and says, "Then you're gonna hate Thursdays."

Views: 213 · Added: 576 days ago

Hi iam back thenudist and time to play, any GTB Mumbers into young boys ang wold like to chat and do some trading like i said before i am open to any age,looking to have some harmless fun,so lets play.

Views: 1571 · Added: 1320 days ago

it wont let me upload a profile pic,i tried reduceing the size,if someone will let me send a pic to em and reduce it to the right size for me i'd appreciate it.(:

Does the Site Stream Videos For Ipad?
Views: 176 · Added: 845 days ago

I was just wondering if anyone was having issues with the site playing videos on your Ipads?

I'm Back!
Views: 150 · Added: 628 days ago has been awhile since I was last on here! Yes, I am back and not a virgin everyone...I finally lost it! After that, it's been crazy. Meeting guys (and being safe) and then college life. Lol...I am so glad it's Christmas Break! I am in sunny California with my family and I am exploring as much I can. I am even an hour and a half away from LA (my future dream home). So much has happened during the last few months and I apologize to you all on here for not being on much. I will be on as much as I can this upcoming semester and I will have to tell you all of my sex stories and more. ;) Loads to come in 2013! Thanks to everyone out there and for GBT! Happy Holidays and Happy New Year everyone!!!

Views: 337 · Added: 1231 days ago

today several hours ago ther was a bad reck on larken road in izard county USA. 2 of my cuzins and 2 of my friends were in the car. one of my cuzins died and my kindagraden love died as well. (cuzin-boy, kindagarden love-girl) my other cuzin is in the hospital in ICU and he will be fine. the other girl which is my other friend will be fine to she may have a broke arm and part of her face may be broke and ther is some swelling. plz pray that the 2 deciesed will make it to heaven and that the 2 that lived will be fine. thank you sighn michael vaile.

Good Morning
Views: 230 · Added: 1000 days ago

Hii everybody, hope all slept well :) have a good day, message me if you would like to chat. :p

Views: 111 · Added: 846 days ago

hi everyone. just like to start talking to a few new people. message me if u want to chat x

Rate me
Views: 224 · Added: 809 days ago

If you rate me please let me know who you are

Views: 70 · Added: 96 days ago

Views: 500 · Added: 954 days ago

i got hundreds of my pics if anyone wants any message me thanks

Video Quality On Gay Boys Tube?
Views: 170 · Added: 243 days ago

Why are so many videos poor quality?...all blurry and pixalated?

how to
Views: 57 · Added: 27 days ago

how do you add a picture to a blog I have been trying but nothing works

Hey there sexy young guys!
Views: 175 · Added: 687 days ago

Who wants to have fun now? I am ready to cam! Add me on skype: sixteensteven XX


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