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Does anyone know someone from the houston area intrested in sex?

pls help me
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i wants to change my profile name but i don't know how .if you know taht pls let me know .tnx

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Why do pics say remove?
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Just went to some of my pics, and some other profiles....
Alot of the pics and videos say "REMOVE"

What;s up with that??

Were you embarrassed?
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The first time u jerked off with another guy, was it just watching each other or mutual touching?
If touching, did you "finish" each other off?
Were you embarrassed after you came?
If so, how did you work through the embarrassment?

Speed up browsing utility...
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I'd noticed that ny Internet browser was seeming to be slow. Did a little snooping around and found an article with some recommendations here:

First sex toys!
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Profile Pic Issues
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Hey guys, anyone know why I might be having troubles changing my profile pic. Not working for some reason, it says it can be 100x120 max and i'm trying but still it isn't working ):

haunting in the east bay day 1
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My name is James Robert Bartlett, and for most of my life on earth, I've always believed in the supernatural. But I didn't really believe in evil spirits or demons. I experienced some strange stuff back in middle school but none of that was evil, just loony. All that changed when I started high school back in 2006, when my family moved into a single story, three bedroom house in a small East Bay town of Brentwood, CA. I never thought evil spirits existed...but this house proved me wrong.
August 2nd 2006
We just got the rest of our stuff into the moving van, and took that eleven mile drive to what I thought was my dream home. Cheesey, I know, but that how I really felt. We turned into the commuty known as Havenwood; once we made that turn, I immediately felt that something wasn't right, but I shook it off as being in a new town and all that. We passed a few streets; a pool full of happy, laughing children; then we finally turn onto our street.
As we turned onto Grovewood and drove to our home at the end of the street, the feeling of dread came back; but. yet again. I ignored it. Then as a tree cleared the way, I saw the most beautiful house you have ever seen. It was a single story, peach colored building; the walkway was curvy at best with brick lining; with flowers from the front to the back gate with cactus connecting the two. As we pulled up into the driveway, I looked up at the house; and, for some reason, it felt off - like it was staring at me...that feeling went away when we went into the garage.
My mom turned the car off and shut the garage door so our cats wouldn't run out. I was the first to get out, since I wasn't trapped by boxes, and the first one to enter the main part of the house. Once I walked into the house, the air felt really stale - but I just thought maybe it was the summer air. Then I found myself drawn to the backroom, I went back there and opened the blinds as I stared out the window; I felt like something was watching me from the shed, then I heard my name being called.

"Yes, mom?!" I yelled, but got no response. As I turned around to see what she wanted, I heard a crash and felt something hit my leg. When I looked back, I found the blinds down by my feet. I was a little freaked out, I'll admit, but I thought I was caught on the chord or something, but when I looked around my feet there was no chord, and that was just the start of my hell.


It was evening by time we finished unpacking and got all the furniture in. Everybody decided to go to the pool; but I was a bit tired, so I decied to stay behind and watch a DVD. As I was laying there, the feeling of being watched overwhelmed me again, then I started to hear knocking coming from the garage. It was light at first, then it got heavier and it began to move around the house. First, it would be on the ceiling, then it would be on the floor, then it sounded like it was coming from all over the place. After five long minutes, it stopped just like that.

Out of the silence, I heard in a deep male voice say, "James, you're mine."

I was white as a sheet by the time they got back, but I didn't tell them what happened they might have thought that I was crazy.

Manscaping. Shaved bald, trimmed, or wild?
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Do you manscape?
And how far do you go?

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hey horny as always who wants to have some fun


if anyone else make this worse experiences please informate `Nick18´(Asministrator)

so I did & I am not alone with that STALKER-Object

Thank you for your active Help

in reallove: `Funny96´...

I need to get this off my chest.
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I've been thinking a lot lately about a friend of mine. Her name is Sam. All throughout high school, Sam and I were very good friends. We first met in my school's version of homeroom, only it was in the middle of the day. I was sitting alone at my desk, as I usually was - I was so confused and timid then - and she came up to and sat across from me. She was so kind that we quickly became friends. I found out that we had a lot in common: we both enjoyed the same kind of music, we were both in the same band class (yes, I am a band geek), and we both shared many of the same views. We were practically meant to be best friends. I always thought that that was what she wanted, but I found out otherwise during my senior year.

She had broken up with her boyfriend a little more than a month before, and we were at the district music festival when she started with some fairly strong signals, which I tried my hardest to ignore (I was playing dumb). But still, she remained persistent and she started really throwing herself at me. I, still being in the closet, did not want to tell her my darkest personal secret, so I resorted to probably the worst possible option. I told her it would never work out between us because we were too different. I didn't give her any other reason besides that one, and I really think it hurt her feelings.

After nearly two weeks of avoiding me and not speaking to me, she started talking to me again, only a little though. We spoke mostly in passing, but I could tell she still had these strong feelings for me. Our relationship went almost back to where it was before, but there was some tension between us that still hasn't really gone away.

I remember, on the night I graduated(she was still a junior), she cried because she didn't want me to go. That night, we shared a very long hug, a hug that I feel had a completely different meaning for me than it did for her. I wanted so badly to tell her why I didn't think our relationship would last, but I still had that deep terror of telling somebody that I'm gay. So I left it unsaid and moved onto college.

As she plans on making her move up to college in the coming fall, I know that she is considering to come to the same college I am currently attending, but I fear she is making the decision based on the fact that I am here and she feels there is still a chance of kindling some sort of relationship between us that is more than just "friends," but I still can't bring myself to utter those three words that I know will make my life so much easier. I feel like such a jerk.

webcamming with a friend or a stranger?
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When you go on webcam would you reather be with a stranger or someone you know like a friend? I like getting naked with a friend more since its like "omg we are finaly going to see each other naked!" but im willing to be with a stranger if I have to.

anyone near Lititz, PA ,17543
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anyone near Lititz, PA, 17543?
feeling lonely..
i am a bottom and top.
you could what ever you want to me..
suck, fuck,fist etc i will do it :)

Obsession with Youth
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I feel as if i am obsessed with youth due to essentially missing my childhood, being incredibly shy, wounded & confused about my sexuality as a kid, plus having OCD. Essentially, I missed out, by not experiencing anything close to sex until I was 30 or so. It feels like an unquenchable desire & unhealthy. Do any others on this site relate to some of my comments.

hands free
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have looked at some vids of hands free cum, i aint done that thought give it a go but end up jus wankin any tips so can do it without touching fanks chris :)

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hey im new to this and i just want to know if anyone's interested in teaching me how to use this...

gay xbox friends
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hello i am looking for the people on here that have xbox an xbox live if u have it please add me and lets play some games lol ;)

gamer tag is TheCampingSgt

Live cam
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Nick, Live cam not working....any news when it may be... thx Phil

videos hochladen
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hat einer nen plan warum das bei mir nicht funktioniert, mit dem videos hochladen, hat oder hatte einer das selbe problem und vielleicht ne lösung für mich???

Whenever I see non-nude selfies what comes to my mind is the very first time I saw one which was with a naked boy!

I like it
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Everybody hello:~

Do your know ''Thomas Dyk'' this porn star? I want his gay video

Haters Gonna Hate.....
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Hey any teen from the US want to sex text aka sexting? He so message me ur #

New Here - Some Help Please
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Joined today and still have not recieved my e-mail verification. I also am unable to upload pics or vids. The open file for uploading does not show for me to selet files to upload. I want to share/participate.

how do i get more views?
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Some where some one gets to see this in real life while on his boat

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hey is any one here into rough sex like hard fucking or spanking let me know

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Hallo bei mir werden die Videos nicht mehr geladen. Hab verschiedene Browser probiert!
Hier sind so geile Videos und es lädt in der Mitte den Playbutton nicht mehr. Hat wer eine Lösung?

Spam On This Site
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Don't know how to contact anybody on this site but been getting strange emails ... messages .... and shit .... just be careful not to open anything you don't know about.......just fyi

thanks jerome

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I don't get this anymore.....wether theres a gang of convicts all around me or just a bunch of dumb fuckin fat CUNTS that just won't get a fuckin clue. Frankly it feela like I'm being annoyed by convicts or robbers. Alien in other words... Illegal aliens not space aliens. I feel INTIMIDATED all over ANY social media including this one. Which is why I slip out and speak vulgarly. Vulgar displayed language is just my way of expressing me true thoughts to free my hate. I APOLOGIZE to any if it's "offensive" to you. But to whomever is the perpetrators I feel intimadated by.......I end this world. So fuck off and LEAVE ME ALONE. I DIE I'M TAKING THE WHOLE GALAXY AND ALL LIFE IN IT. xox

What a terrible thing to go thru, for a little girl.
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(CNN) -- For as long as eight hours, the small girl hid, unnoticed, in a car with the bodies of two British women and a man shot dead in foothills of the Alps in eastern France.

Probably paralyzed by fear, the 4-year-old remained among the corpses as investigators waited for crime scene technicians to arrive so the car could be opened.

She is now under police protection, as is an older girl, thought to be 7 or 8 years old, who was found injured near the car. She suffered a fractured skull and an apparent bullet wound to the shoulder.

Prosecutor Eric Maillaud told reporters Thursday that investigators failed to notice the younger girl because she didn't move for hours as they waited for the forensic experts.

She was hidden under baggage and the legs of one of the dead women in the car's back seat. A thermal imaging camera failed to pick up her presence, Maillaud said.
What led to fatal shooting in France?

The child was "probably terrorized, completely concealed, completely immobile amid the corpses," he said.

Her Fmily shot dead around her and her dead mother on top of her,and the police
stood by without checking for survivers.
She,ll probably have Nightmares for weeks.Thank god her sister survived.

Moble site problems
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Is anyone having problems viewing the videos on the moble site?

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Hallo bei mir werden die Videos nicht mehr geladen. Hab verschiedene Browser probiert!
Hier sind so geile Videos und es lädt in der Mitte den Playbutton nicht mehr. Hat wer eine Lösung?


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