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Missing videos
Views: 207 · Added: 520 days ago

Hi all - I am a much older guy but I love this site and have uploaded a few videos, which seem to be appreciated. However, not all the videos that I have uploaded have ever appeared on the site. Can anyone tell me why. I contacted a user that I was told was the webmaster, but never received any sort of reply. I have recently uploaded a full length film called "Just 18" and for some reason that has not been accepted and shown, so who is it that decides what is accepted and what is rejected and how does one contact them? If I click "webmaster" at the bottom of the home page it tells me that this is not supported by the server. Nevertheless, this is still a lovely site with lovely people (contacts) and lovely videos.

Soooo how do you find old videos you have watched?
Views: 88 · Added: 140 days ago

Sooo how do you find old videos that you have watched but don't remember the title?

Views: 216 · Added: 694 days ago

i love lads and vids

fuck me
Views: 155 · Added: 75 days ago

Any body want a virgin boy pussy

Views: 1278 · Added: 989 days ago

Views: 124 · Added: 225 days ago

Anyone tried Ginseng as a natural viagra or health supplement?

Views: 263 · Added: 1037 days ago

i keep trying to upload a pro pic but it keeps freezing when i try to upload it how do i fix/avoid this

Hi here is an update on Sundancekid (Rex)
Views: 99 · Added: 345 days ago

I know some of you are woundering about our friend Rex, will today i was able to that to Rex's dad at the resort. Rex and i are good friends i've been at his family nudist resort a few times. Ok here is what is going on Rex has become very sick and depressed over his best friend jay's death. I don't know how many of you known this about Rex and Jay thay where very much in love with each other and rex is taking this supper hard so much he has let the resort and has returne to south Dakota and has gone into seclusion. his dad said rex tryed to return to GBT being encouraged to buy his friends here on GBT and especially his good friend Andy. But something bad had happen to rex he recived some very nasty and hateful e-mail about Jay and that pushed him over the edge. His dad said to say he will keep Sundancekid accound open in hopes rex rerturns to all his friends here on GBT. Also rex dad has ask everyone keep rex in there prayers and dreams, for he is avery sick boy and very heartbroken over his losing jay his frist soulmate. Lets all hope for the best for our friend Rex. Tokyosboys ( Leeo)

Re-uploaded uniform vid
Views: 89 · Added: 154 days ago

Vid been re uploaded, see it here :)

New Zealand Set To Conquer America
Views: 58 · Added: 140 days ago

Great news!

In November there will be a Rugby test match between the New Zealand national rugby team the "All Blacks" and the American national Rugby team "The Eagles" in Chicago.

The match will be played at 'Soldiers Field' and they are expecting 40,000 tickets to be sold and any GBT members living nearby should head along and watch as the All Blacks always provide great entertainment and value for money.

This raises some interesting facts -

It took from 1492 until 1959 for America to become what it is today - 467 years.

Over those 467 years conquering America involved the Spanish sending 3 ships, various British and Mexican Kings sent entire armies to have a go, diseases were introduced killing off native populations, it took decades to move America 'west' with the US Army establishing forts and fighting various conflicts - and all the other trials and tribulations which comprise US history.

However here in New Zealand yesterday plans were hatched -

Question: "What will it take for New Zealand to conquer America?"

Answer: "We are New Zealanders 80 minutes and 15 guys should do it" LOL!!

world cup
Views: 67 · Added: 109 days ago

blearly eyed with watching the world cup matches already, just another 29 days to go.

Views: 60 · Added: 43 days ago

Webcam or Chat?
Views: 362 · Added: 1160 days ago

Hey guys! I got a webcam available now,
anyone wanna chat? add me:

or Skype: Sixteensteven

See you! Xx

Please sign petition for equality - Star Wars
Views: 187 · Added: 904 days ago

Electronic Arts (EA) -- one of the largest video game makers in the world - is the target of a hateful boycott campaign. Why? Because they gave players the option to include a gay romance story in one of their most popular games: Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Anti-gay letters are flooding Electronic Arts headquarters, calling for a boycott. Without our help the company, its staff and more than 100 million registered players could be pushed to the dark side if the forces of hate get the last word.

Master Yoda wants to make sure Electronic Arts knows anti-gay haters don't win the game. Add your name to Yoda's letter urging the company to stay away from the dark side. Yoda himself will deliver the message directly to the headquarters of Electronics Arts in Redwood City, California.

Please take a moment and sign the petition at:

Views: 96 · Added: 292 days ago

Some parts of my blogs don't appear!

Anyone knows why?

Older Video's Not Playing
Views: 350 · Added: 1110 days ago

I've noticed there is a LOT of really good looking vids that were uploaded 400, 500+ days ago that will not load up for viewing. It's a lot of material. I'm not sure how much space it is taking up on the servers but I and I am sure many others would LOVE to see this stuff.

Any reason in particular why the older stuff will not load and is there anyway to fix that? Thanks in advance for any answers.


Views: 250 · Added: 759 days ago

Hi there guys I need help finding a movie from a video I have in my favorite videos The name of it in my favorite is hard day Please go to my profile and under favorite videos look at the 3rd vid its called a hard day. if you know any actors or even better the real name of the movie please let me know and the compiny that made it.
Thanks all.

why is this.....
Views: 96 · Added: 252 days ago

When I log in to see photos........the first page is good.......but when I go other pages.....there is no photo......whats going onjQuery182018927561654914626_1390355408663???

question about coming out
Views: 265 · Added: 958 days ago

why does it seems like everyone that is coming out to their family is more nervous about telling their father than their mother

need friends
Views: 183 · Added: 490 days ago

addd me plz

Views: 298 · Added: 958 days ago

I have tried to download the adobe reader 11 three times and have not had sucess. I can watch any videos. any ideas???

Views: 264 · Added: 930 days ago

How cum I can't watch the vids on my mobile skyfire browser any more?

role play
Views: 130 · Added: 635 days ago

hi any guys want to role play leave me a message

How to upload a video?
Views: 130 · Added: 608 days ago

How do you have to upload a video?

Views: 178 · Added: 490 days ago

I'm Samuel. I'm bi and I'm weird...
I will blog about sex !
IM happy and free because I'm no longer alone :)

Hello,Users and Friends here on board,
please look to the coverbands in GBT or in youtube!
One Direction ist ok. but not great,music is so lala and low performances for me.
AT Sunset have a better 2.Leedsinger ,he played Keyboard,its rounder and effectlyer
us Late Night Reading,but good Performances in all.-Late Night Reading are brillant
with first Leedsinger,his Performens is perfect.Sound is pure and Bassist very good
Performances to all is even better us original from One Direction,for me.

Please , diskussion can start and its open for me,where the first and where the
second places become.English is bad once more again,friends its not a question
of grammatical and spoken-stil,)no is it a question for friends and leader
of good music and good looked to the boybands.thanks for doing.

comments go poof! - no joke
Views: 338 · Added: 1018 days ago

during past 24 ppl have written to me that their comments on my posted vidz were deleted; then , I noticed that comments on my wall and others were disappearing, too; I even wrote about this on Nick18's blog "Site Issues" and, U guessed it, it appeared and when I went back to see if he or others responded, aaarrrrggghhhh!!!..even my comment on HIS blog disappeared; wtf; is this happening to U? thx...thom:}

First time!
Views: 358 · Added: 758 days ago

This is probably the millionth blog on this topic...but what was everyones first time like? Good/bad?
Views: 737 · Added: 490 days ago

so they say there is a part two does anyone have it

Friend Request Problem
Views: 87 · Added: 424 days ago

Says I have someone who requested me as a friend, but they're not longer a registered member. If I decline then it says ok but still shows the request in my inbox. My inbox always reads at least 1, now. Can't accept because the user is no longer a member. Minor problem, but what to do about it?

Views: 273 · Added: 1109 days ago

Well, one of the guys who I linked to as a friend this week had a comment in his intro about eyes and it's something that ALWAYS attracts me to guys, so I have just posted some albums of guys whose eyes work for me. There is something special about a guys eyes, something I just connect with. They tell you so much and can't lie ... I hope you like the albums as they are all guys who have beautiful, attractive or 'special' eyes that I LOVE! :) ...and thanks Corwyn ( for the inspiration.
Find them here:

Views: 310 · Added: 1071 days ago

Hi boyz horny as hell any boyz in westyorkshire up for a meet this week can accommodate no probs x

Views: 185 · Added: 880 days ago

situation hypothetical............

full jamie swift videos
Views: 128 · Added: 140 days ago

anybody know where i can find them?

Views: 157 · Added: 75 days ago

If you see flyers advertising "TEEN JOBS Part time hours EARN $150 - 300 per week Must be at least 18 years of age After School Work Program Transportation

who is the webmaster?
Views: 321 · Added: 958 days ago

I want my video to be deleted!!
It still shows up.


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