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Question about Videos that will not play
Views: 366 · Added: 1278 days ago

I have noticed that there are alot (Especially when you go wayyy back in pages) of videos that will not play. I have noticed that as long as a video has been "viewed" it will play, but there are alot of videos that when you look to see how many times it was "viewed" there is a blank infront of "viewed" .. those are the videos that will not play. Why is that?

GBT Outage?
Views: 183 · Added: 785 days ago

Has this site crashed in the last few minutes? Got a weird message on google Chrome. On Firefox the website is a complete mess. Saturday 07:42 PM UK time.

Views: 173 · Added: 643 days ago

I just uploaded a picture, does anyone know how to remove it or stop it from showing?

story and drawing
Views: 235 · Added: 867 days ago

you can what story you like you can draw what you like cos there no law it only if you take the next step and act out what you write about or drawing so it a case do i you be got one day

Hot boys
Views: 162 · Added: 319 days ago

Damn!!! Why can't I fuck a hot boy?! I tried to ask them, all of them rejected me for no reason!! I am hungering for fuck a hot boy!! Am I not hot enough to them or what? They are so damn hot!!

My New camara, Sony RX10
Views: 83 · Added: 45 days ago

I did it, i got the Sony RX10.
It has lots of possebiltys for Pictures in Raw, Jpg ore both together.
It even can film in 3 different format's. Did get it together with ScanDisk Extreme SDXC UHS-1 128 GB 45MB/s
Feel like Chrismas came ealy this year :-)

skype me c2c fun
Views: 390 · Added: 1134 days ago

my skype is mikemikenj anyone wanna skype ?

horny and waiting ;D

Views: 198 · Added: 645 days ago



I don't understand how to pick the ones i want to post.

Views: 178 · Added: 907 days ago

all the people are real friendly and makes you feel welcomed to be apart of a great group of people

What does it take
Views: 158 · Added: 615 days ago

Was my profile 2 strong did i offend anybody are there any guys out there who want a piece of ass like me u would think i would get more messages then just 2 how much easier do u need a piece of ass what do i have 2 do?

He HATES Showers....
Views: 93 · Added: 61 days ago

Views: 666 · Added: 431 days ago

Webcam sex? MSN:

ok fine, no more
Views: 200 · Added: 827 days ago

It seems like I have upset asheshauled and someothers so screw it no more blogs. I dont need to communicate here anyfurther. I will go back to watching the porn like before. I dont need this drama in my life.

download not working
Views: 94 · Added: 518 days ago

seems the download feature is not working, all you get is sent to the flow player, but you can,t actually download any of the videos.

Hello there.
Views: 438 · Added: 1176 days ago

Hello all,

I am a 19yr old from Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom. Into guys my sort of age from Great Britain. I went to a public school and upkept its 'traditions' as it were, although I have never gone beyond handjobs and BJs. Physically into guys, although in the long-term after a woman. Unfortunately not very fit, but if you are interested in chatting, my Skype is Peter.348

favorite time of year
Views: 119 · Added: 725 days ago

Whats your favorite time of year, and place, and how many times do you get to go there to soak up the ambiance. I know some guys dont like the christmas period, but you must have another time that rings your bell.

Download Issue
Views: 163 · Added: 517 days ago

I found a work around to the current download issue. If you left click on the download icon and pick open in a new tab, you can then follow the instructions to download the video in the new tab. I didn't try it on adding a favorite but it may work as well.


Views: 86 · Added: 384 days ago

Hey hot guys, I'm so horny!!! Please add gbt2cam2 on skype! Come on!! You must be 18-24 years old. Thanks!

I want a cock in my ass
Views: 477 · Added: 1351 days ago

Hey, anybody live in the Fulham area of London, want to come and fuck a 21 year old's tight ass??? Let me know

A porn story
Views: 84 · Added: 44 days ago

One of my hobbies is writing short stories. I usually write them in French and my English is relatively poor, but I thought I could try to write one for you. It's obviously a fiction and all the characters and situations depicted are purely imaginary. It takes place into a bigger and more complicated fantasy world with lots of characters and other stories, this is just a secondary plot but I think it's an interesting one.

The story is :

- John is making amateur videos of himself and he's selling them. He uses to post some free previews of those vids on a free gay site which is also a social network. Lots of private companies are doing so: you can find for free a 2 minutes clip, but if you want to see more you must go to the site and buy the registration, this is fair enough. The only difference is that John is not a big company with money, cameramen and lawyers, but just a little guy standing alone in his bathroom.

- Jake is a very beautiful, strong, wise, rich and powerful man owning millions; his body is magnificent and he's just a genius, supporting human rights, helping gay youth ; he's got some private sex sites, makes professional porn and works with dangerous hackers. Maybe that's just into his imagination, but who knows?

- Jake saw some John's clips and thought the boy was cute, but that the video quality was poor. He proposed John to work for him into some of Jake's professional websites and promised him lots of money. But John was not interested and didn't give a shit to this offer, and IMHO he was right.

- "What?!" thought Jake, "this kid refuses to work for me? I will force him to!", and so he started harassing the boy. Saying "No!" to Jack is not an option, you see. Jake get obsessed by John and even with all the work he has to do to manage his business, his websites and his money, he spends now a lot of time harassing a 20yo boy playing with a webcam. Jake's hackers are seeking where John is; Jake thinks it's his mission to find him and force him to get into Jake's business, against John's will. Jake doesn't care about consent.

- Jake claims he believes John is under 16 yo. But he anyway wants him to work for him into professional porn.

- Some friends of Jake are helping him into this harassment campaign. Some are sharing some connection with Jake, others are just jerks who enjoy to make people suffer and are happy to find a victim, some are fighting against John for some doubtful ethical reasons (like: selling your own vids is BAD) or because they don't like the amateur quality of John's videos. Some are participating to the harassment because they believe the rumors created by the bullies (John CAN'T be a real person). This becomes a passion for some people, who are spending lots of time insulting John or faking to be him while they just could watch something else.

So what's the point? The point is that Jake is just acting as a pimp harassing an independent boy to force him to work for him. The others are supporting stupidly this action, and they will certainly continue, as they are hearthless and don't care about the real people who are on the videos. They just see the product, not the person.

This situation is a threat to all people who are making and sharing their own videos. It means that some day Jake or some other pimp could come and say them "You must work for me!" and harass them if they say no.

Maybe a solution to this issue could be allowing members to remove comments from their videos and to block unfriendly users. Would not remove the problem, but it would help.

I just hope the story has a happy ending, but I didn't find it right now.

merry xmas!
Views: 509 · Added: 1430 days ago

i want to wish all my friends here a verry merry xmas
and a verry horny:) 2011!!!


I love videos that have guys fucking and they cum inside then pull out to see the cum drip out. To me thats real sex. Not a lets fuck then I'll jack myself off. Watch them fuck then see the young muscles twitch and spasam as he shoots his load into his partner thats sooooo hot. Who else feel cheated on a pull out?

anyone in perth australia
Views: 80 · Added: 99 days ago

looking for anyone in western australia

First of all...when you are just here for having Fun then that´s totally ok - really!
From my recherching about `GAYBOYSTUBE´ I also find that the `Blogs´ here get interested by other weBmaster and weBsurfer who visit `GBT´ even for downloading complete days of the `Blog´...
That Background & the actually happenings here´in & between user of `GBT I feel like to do something , what I normally would´t have done...And with the help of Jesus I hope to find the right words...where words don´t come easy,because it´s very,very emotional...


19. SeptemBer this year JAMEY (James)R. from Williamsville near Buffalo (NY) was found by his parents in front of their house - in the night from 18. to 19.09.11
he decided to go out from his young life...JAMEY only reaching the age of 14 !...
And still my tears for & about him - and I am not shamed to tell that I just cying again...May be there is the question why that touched me so deeply...
JAMEY posted his last words also at my social-network (twitter&tumblr)...really just before I see his vid from 04. of May´11 `It get´s Better , I promise´posted at
`youtube´...I see this & say to myself `really good to come out´ even he told that he felt so supported by his family & friends even he have been Bullied again & again in his school (by the way HE STIL GET BULLiED AFTER HiS DEATH!...
I was thinking about JAMEY´s ComingOut-vid then I find another posting at tumblr where a young guy - a member of our social network - suicided...and it was JAMEY Rodemeyer (account still alive = `hausofjamey´ & at youtube `xgothemo99xx´ because his parents decided to hold the accounts for remembering JAMEY and his story...)
In the night he have posted his last words (may be only some minutes before...)in his social-networks WHO HE FELT HOME - but inhis real Life he have felt HOMELESS...
But unfortunantly NOONE understand his askings & appels for finding REAL HELP...
His postings are still to find in his accounts - reaaly well done decicision of his family so it´s not needed for replying by me here.But let me tell some examples of his practise-doing at youtube...So he talk in one vid about that men should can marry in ALL states of America - a 14 y.o. Boy made his thaughts about that!
His biggest idol have been `Lady Gaga´ and she & him have had a special connection:
in his absolut last words he posted `thank you Lady Gaga for what u have done even for me´ (JAMEY have been one of her little monsters...) & Lady Gaga get the information of that from many of us...and in the next days she twittert how really sad she was & she decided to contact even Barack Obama (she gives much money for his political Being...)But what make Lady Gaga really authentic notonly to me that in her next Live-Concert (23.09.11 in Las Vegas) she gave TriBute to & for JAMEY with her song `Hair´...From that mom I become a `LadyGaga-Fan´ too..
JAMEY changed my Life...He learned me being just more open to my next even I feel strange to her or to him.I know from myself that I very fast deciding for to say yes or no to something & someone...
So what have that to do with `GayBoysTube´?!...
In this time a other `Freshman´ as a user here find my interesting...he was very lovely & buisy also in ´`LGBT´´-working especially insuicide-prevention for he a presenting a special telephone-nr. inhis profile...He also told that he have many friends & all loving him...mmmh
On one side I really dislike his art of acting may be misusing a very serios thematic for winning friends , what ever that really mean in the result...
On the other side I worry about him...JAMEY have also be very concentrated in himself...somedays feeling like a star & hero(he sings `The Edge ofGlory´ & `Born this Way´) & on other days he felt like a NoBody and total wothless & much depressed!
And therefor in my personal recherching of the Backgrounds of JAMEY and many other young Gay-Teenagers - what always have been similar that ALL have wanted SOMEONE SPECiAL of the specials...but not get & given the chance for JUST BEiNG HiMSELF...
So in my eyes & opinion the Best suicide-prevention is ACCEPTiNG MYSELF(YOURSELF)!!
But the reality especially in the `GAY-Szenes´telling already Teenager that you get accepted with perfect looking and optimal = having a monster-cock & a tight horny ass...In Gay-Szenes ALL around the world there is not much place for ya Heart & Soul!WE ARE ALL(!) RESPONSiBiL FOR OUR ACTiNG & FOR OUR NOT ACTiNG...The feeling in being REDUCED iN (HOMO-)SEXUALiTY MUST STOP!!And the Best everyone started with himself...MY DREAM & ViSiON AT & FOR ALL IS THAT WE DONOT NEED TO SEPERATE OURSELFS ANYMORE...and if gay or not is not important anymore...only the real personality without any masks & douBle.Lifes (=BuBBle-Gum)

My vision of `BarBados-Life´ is ofcourse an utopie...BUT IT COULD BECOME MORE & MORE TRUE IF I AM WILLING TO CHANGE that moment when I really decide TO CHANGE MYSELF & ME...then I change also `the world´ around me...
always knowing that NOONE IS ONLY GOOD OR BAD...we are ALL both...
mostly all churches misusing in his name!!
The `FairyTale´of what for `hells´what ever
is misused for having Power about the people
but you can find priests who are really with...

Thank you - thank you JAMEY - you know
I promise that ya way of Life will live
further through me & many other who feel
open for to follow...

Thank you ALL...
may be it give you the `friendly kick´
for changing your Life...

noone can´t live the Life of yours...;-)

Underage Video
Views: 456 · Added: 517 days ago

Can't seem to get the flag system working with the new video player so guess I'll have to bring it up here this video the boys are clearly not 18 not even close. it needs taking down.

Views: 153 · Added: 450 days ago

Hi i just made a blog i just like to see someone dick if you like that i want see how big it is okay

gay saunas
Views: 171 · Added: 724 days ago

how manygo to these?? thesr 3 local to me and i visit quite often get a good mix of age tht go have t lounges buffett etc so a good night out normally spices up the weekend to

campus square
Views: 67 · Added: 100 days ago

messing with night exposure

Views: 97 · Added: 549 days ago


me partner gizza az just quit gayboystube
Views: 121 · Added: 517 days ago

thanks 2 this stupid downloader not workin. e woz hopin ta download a few vidz 2 watch wen we go bed but guess no vidz even 4 me 2 download.

itz easy like b4 2 download so i keepz readin but itz nothin of the sort. all i getz iz flowplayer info or save as complete webpage in html format, so why fuck about wiv somethin that woz perfectly fine az it woz.

all uv done iz make all memberz pissed off wiv this gr8 site. this site now suckz BIG STYLE

Views: 129 · Added: 44 days ago

Just wondering how long it usually takes for a flagged item to be deleted. Thanks.

How do i get a background for my profile page?
Views: 281 · Added: 988 days ago

Does anyone know?

Views: 191 · Added: 866 days ago

wooooooooow its a great day to have sex sooooo go have some sex

Wicked boys
Views: 53 · Added: 23 days ago

Happy Halloween to all my friends at GayBoysTube.


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